St.Stephen's School

Class 4TB

Hello and welcome to class 4TB! Our teacher is Tess Brown and we can be found in room 15. Following our WE CARE charter, we are a hardworking, respectful and caring team.

This year, we are aspiring for success across all areas of the curriculum, especially in our core subjects. In English, we will use our growing understanding of spelling, grammar and punctuation to produce ambitious writing and experiment with an abundance of new vocabulary. In Maths, we will continue to explore number, shape and measure. Moreover, we will be developing our reasoning skills, so we can explain to others how we calculated our answers. We will also learn to be more independent as we participate in swimming lessons and an overnight stay at a museum!

In the foundation subjects, we will build a diverse range of skills as we investigate the world around us. For example in History, we will deepen our understanding of chronology and investigating primary sources, including the Sutton Hoo at the British Museum. In Geography, we will collect and interpret data and learn about natural and man-made geographical features. We will also be getting creative with embroidery, digital pictures and sculpture making.