St.Stephen's School

Class 5JW

Hello and welcome to 5JW’s homepage.

In year 5 this year we are looking forward to learning about many interesting subjects. We will cover world geography, cooking healthy meals, Mayan History, World War 2, learning to make our own computer games, learning to play the flute and much much more.

Alongside this we will be further improving our maths and English skills. Now that we’ve mastered our basic skills of sentence structure, punctuation and timetables, we will be looking at how to apply these skills to high quality writing and challenging maths. And let’s not forget reading! This year we are going to be reading a pleather of books both at school and home and holding our own in class reading competition to see who reads the best variety of books.

One of the highlights of year 5 is that we get to go to Fairplay House residential. Whilst at Fariplay house we will be learning to be more independent and taking part in challenging activities. We are really looking forward to climbing the high ropes and going in the cave.

We know that year 5 is going to be an excellent year. They’ll be lots of challenges but with the right attitude and hard work, we know we can all achieve our goals.