St.Stephen's School

Class 6SR

Welcome to 6SR's page!

We are all proud to be members of 6SR and are very much looking forward to the year ahead. Our class teacher is Sarah Raven, and our Educational Assistant is Khalid Ahmed. As this is a very important year for us, we are focussed and determined in achieving our goals by tackling challenging work, supporting each other and being relentless in our mission to succeed. In addition to becoming experts in Maths, Reading and Grammar, we are particularly excited to be working with an artist during Autumn term: Andrew Mutter. We will be looking at and working in the style of renowned artist: John Virtue.

In January we will have an opportunity to go on a residential visit to Wick Court Farm, where we will be living and working on a real-life farm for a week! In addition to learning all about farm animals and working farm life, we will also develop our independence skills! In addition, throughout the year, we will also have opportunity to attend various visits, collaborate in theme weeks and be recipient to many interesting visitors.

After our SATs we will have opportunity to do many exciting activities including: Year 6 production, Summer fayre, bowling and teachers vs year 6 football, all of which we are very excited about!

Everything we do in our class is underpinned with the WE CARE acronym. We follow our WE CARE class charter to ensure we all achieve our rights, priding ourselves in 6SR as having resilience, respect, determination, empathy, equity and relentlessness!

6SR can be found upstairs in room 20!