St.Stephen's School

Class 6TN

Welcome to 6TN,

In room 19, we are delighted to be at the top of the school, and the role models for St. Stephen’s pupils. We have high aspirations for our SATS and we are determined to work hard in order to achieve our full potential. Moreover, we are prepared to deal with the highest of expectations and anticipate an exciting and hard-working year ahead.

This is our last year at St. Stephen’s and we know we will need to be equipped with resilience, perseverance and determination in order to succeed this year: we are up for the challenge!

Trips, like the residential excursion to the Farm, will be a fantastic opportunity to live away from home and develop our independence. On top of this, we will be visiting Sky Studios to delve into the world of technology…

Though we are anxious, we are looking forward to a stimulating year ahead.

Come and find us in room 19 to wish us good luck!