St.Stephen's School

Class RRF

We have had a fantastic time exploring and learning in Nursery and are ready and excited for our first year at St Stephens School!

​Our teacher is Rebekah and this year we are using all kinds of wonderful books to help us with our learning. We will also be learning phonics which means by the end of the year, we will be able to read and write stories of our very own. To do this we will need to work hard and keep practising but we are excited to take on the challenge.

We will also be working hard in maths, learning all about numbers and shapes and how they can help us to solve some interesting and challenging questions.

We will be very busy exploring all the activities both in and outside our classroom, sometimes we will even be learning in the forest! We will be finding out amazing things all about the world, its people and animals. We will be creating lots of beautiful pieces of art using our brilliant imaginations. We will be constructing our own designs using our blocks, boxes and tools. We will be testing our ideas and carrying out lots of experiments. Most importantly, we will follow our WE CARE rules to make sure that we are happy, kind, polite and caring to all our friends and families and that our classroom is a fun and safe place to be.

Please feel free to come and talk if you ever have any questions.