St.Stephen's School

Class 1SC

Welcome to 1SC. Our class teacher is Sarah Chandler and you can find us in Room 5.

This year our topics are Fantasy, Travel and Transport, and Buildings and Homes.  Our aim is to ensure that everyone is able to achieve their potential in Year 1 and to pass our Phonics Screening Test. With daily phonics, educational visits and workshops happening throughout Year 1, we are hoping to gain lots of new knowledge and experience from what we do.

In 1SC we are looking forward to new challenges in all curriculum areas, especially in English, Phonics and Maths. We are very excited about learning lots of news things especially expanding our vocabulary [the words we use].  We will be following our WE CARE rules and we all aspire to be the very best that we can be.

Class Charters

Each class at St. Stephen’s Primary School will complete a class charter, outlining agreements for members of the class and duty bearers (adults). All pupils are entitled to receive their rights. This class charter will form the basis of a display in class, be displayed on the class website page and also be used for class disciplinary matters.


Our definitions

Class Charter


To be safe, happy and healthy.

Ø  We will move carefully around the classroom

Ø  We will keep our classroom tidy


To share our views and listen to others.

Ø  We will share our ideas

Ø  We will listen carefully to each other and try to look at the speaker at all times.


To be polite and courteous at all times.

Ø  We will be polite

Ø  We will help each other


To aspire and achieve to our potential and beyond.

Ø  We will always work hard

Ø  We will always do my best


To be respected, respect others, ourselves and our environment.

Ø  We will always treat everybody the same way

Ø  We will allow everybody to play in our games


Everyone receives the same treatment.

Ø  We will support each other to do our best

Ø  We will believe in everyone