St.Stephen's School

Class 3EJ

Hello there explorers!

We are 3EJ and we are all very excited to be in key stage 2. Our classroom teacher is Emilie Johanson and Alex Dias. We are situated in Room 11.

This term, we are looking forward to be learning about our new creative curriculum topic 'Hidden treasures!' This includes exploring the subject of Pirates, the Ancient Egyptians and It’s Not Fair.  We will be looking back at specific points in history; using maps to read co-ordinates, as well as investigating forces and magnets for science. There will be parent workshops and educational visits enriching our learning throughout the year; this includes an opportunity to visit the Cutty Sark to see a traditional ship and to explore the Maritime Museum.

This year, we are looking forward to expanding our knowledge and understanding in all areas of our learning, especially in our core subjects, such as English and Mathematics. We are also excited about further developing our Mandarin skills and learning how to take part in debates! We are a dedicated class and aim to work hard to achieve our full potential. This includes coming to school every day, on time and following our WE CARE rules to overcome challenges and aspire to our full potential.