St.Stephen's School

Class RED

Welcome to RED! Our teacher is Eva Duncan and our Educational Assistant is Mina Patel. We have settled into school life very quickly. We love coming to school every day in our new, smart uniform to see our friends and to work hard.

This year we are learning to be more independent, listen and talk to each other, and to show that we have excellent manners. We will always remember to say nice words like, “Please”, “Thank you”, and “Sorry” because this makes others happy as well as making ourselves feel good.

We will be basing our learning throughout the year on some wonderful stories that will take us on adventures to the South Pole. We will meet witches living in the basement and build our very own magical worlds with cardboard boxes. As well as this we will be learning about important events and celebrations throughout the year and going on seasonal visits to the forest, where we will become independent learners and challenge ourselves to manage our own risk.

In Reception we are very lucky to have two classrooms, one inside and one outside. In our classrooms we will be developing our speech and language in our role play areas, making mathematical discoveries in the sand and water trays, and making beautiful artwork in the creative areas.

We will also be working hard in Maths and Phonics, which will help us to read and write, so that we are ready for Year 1!

Throughout the year we will be holding exciting parent workshops and we look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions or concerns please come and see me.

Thank you
Eva Duncan