St.Stephen's School

Junior Leadership Team

Hi. My name is Tanusri Dabbara and I am the Head Girl of St Stephen’s Primary School. I am proud to have been given the chance to obtain the prestigious role of Head Girl. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be working face to face with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss about the questions from our classmates.  This is a very rare opportunity and I am very fortunate to be able to work very closely with Neena, Adam and Fozia. My team and I shall work to our potential to fulfil the needs of our fellow students. I hope that my team and I will help children to reach their full potential.


My name is Naeema Noor (6TN) and I am 10 years old. I am the deputy head girl of St Stephen's Primary School. I am very proud to be in the Junior Leadership Team (JLT) because it is one of my greatest achievements and I have always aspired to have a greater influence in improving our school. My role as deputy head girl is to frequently attend meetings with the Senior Leadership Team and other JLT members to report students' concerns. Furthermore, in assemblies, I inform parents and students about current school news. My best qualities that make me suitable for my role is my confidence and my outgoing personality. I wish to make the most out of this opportunity as it is my last year at St Stephen's Primary School.


Hello. my name is Redowan Amin and I am the Head Boy of St.Stephen's Primary School. It is a pleasure to be chosen by the headteacher to be a member of JLT. As being Head Boy, I try hard to contribute in lessons and help each other. I am really glad to have the Senior Leadership Team to support us in many different ways. They help us and improve our speaking skills and up level our confidence.

Hello. My name is Rasikan Manogaran. I am in 6SR and part of JLT. I am Deputy Head Boy and very proud to be this at St. Stephen’s Primary School. If any pupils at the school have a problem or something to discuss, they could simply ask us because we help as much as we can! Neena, our headteacher, is a great person to ask if you have a problem with your child, otherwise you can ask the JLT!