St.Stephen's School

Junior Leadership Team


Hello my name is Shona Shane and I am proud to be Head Girl of this school. I am 11 years old. It is a privilege to have this role. My role is to make sure everyone is safe and secured, happy and healthy; in addition, I make sure everyone reaches and aims to a higher standard and developing their confidence and potential, expressing themselves. Our team will make this year as outstandingly successful and amazing as possible. I will do my best. You can count on me!

Hello my name is Deepak Ramesh and it is a pleasure to be Head Boy of St. Stephens primary school. I am 11 years and I love working hard. I will make sure that every child reaches their potential and beyond! I hope that this year will be the best year for everyone in this school.  The SLT have chosen me to be JLT because of my generous and trustworthy personality. Furthermore I will do my utmost best to help and be there for you. You can depend on me. Thank you.

Hello my name is Humayra Choudhury and I am the Deputy Head Girl of St. Stephens Primary School. I am 11 years old and I love making people smile. My favourite hobbies are to read, draw and write. SLT (senior leadership team) chose me to be part of JLT because I am trustworthy, kind and helpful. I will do my very best to fulfil the wishes of Neena and the rest of the team. Moreover I will bring as much happiness I can to this school!

Hello my name is Yasser Shariff and I am Deputy Head Boy of St. Stephen’s Primary School. I am proud of this high position and I honour it to the utmost potential. I am 11 years old. My favourite hobbies are playing football, writing stories and drawing comics. I shall try my best to allow every child to achieve their full potential and beyond! Depend on me. Trust me. And most of all… choose the right path.