St.Stephen's School

Student Councillors

Student Councillors of 2016-17

1ZK:   Zuizz Shazad and Neriah Williams
1DT:   Selina Hansrod and Zarrah Malji
1SC:   Umar Farooq and Amani Patel
2JW: Yusuf GHauri and Uzma Fatima
2EW: Hana Bobat
2SH:  Zara Achhodi and Ibrahim Baqar
3EJ:  Adam Hansrod and Maya Dubasia
3MS:  Rayyan Kasi and Shifa Bourl
4JM:  Ambereene Hussain and Aqil Shah
4HA:  Ishrath Chowdhury and Jesho Kurain
5BM:  Fatima Bhariwala and Yuvan Shekar
5TN:  Mariam Jeeva and Hassan Bhuta
6SR:  Saiyyab Muhammed and Shinejot Kaur
6AW: Rahmah Sohel Begum and King Kimbugwe

This academic year has been a busy one for the hardworking student councillors.

Our councillors facilitate class assemblies once a week reflecting on the UNICEF articles as they are trained Rights Respecting School Ambassadors. They also prepared and carried out pupil surveys across the entire school and as a result, they designed and implemented suggestion /feeling boxes for each classroom. Most of the councillors are also playground leaders and work alongside a senior support staff member to resolve issues during playtime.

Now, the councillors are looking forward to organising and fundraising for the Red Nose Appeal, assisting with Summer Fayre and sharing their achievements in future parent assemblies, as well as networking with the board of governors and the leadership.